Artist / Actor / Voiceover

eCommerce savvy and
entrepreneurial  passion in
everything she creates. 
And she loves painting lamphsades!

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What We Do

Introducing Marjorie Kouns, your Renaissance Artisan; creating and performing in English and Spanish as a Voiceover and on-camera Actor with a background in painting (a lot of) lampshades and producing public art all over the world. For over ten years, I have been working with clients worldwide utilizing a variety of mediums to create both the audio and visual effects they desire.

What's New?

  • I have updated my online portfolio. I invite you to take a look at my latest work!
  • My work, Shades of Shreveport featured twenty of the original lampshades from the 'Well-Lit Chess Pieces' (NYC) public art project. These giant lamp covers adorned the street lights in the 700 block of Texas Street in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. This project was fiscally sponsored by Shreveport Regional Arts Council

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